Boyd E. Graves, J.D. 11/19/00

Boyd "Ed" Graves, J.D. civil rights leader and international AIDS activist unveils the 1971 U.S. Special AIDS Virus Flow Chart to America's scientific and medical communities October 29, 1999 at the Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland Ohio. Dr. Graves is the lead plaintiff for global AIDS apology and the lead investigator of the Special Virus Flow Chart.

This Flow Chart and historic video footage is now available on-line.

Boyd "Ed" Graves The Man Who Solved AIDS

On August 21st, 1999 in Ganonoque, Canada, Boyd E. Graves, B.S., J.D. presented a 1971 Flow Chart to the international medical and scientific community.

The Flow Chart is the “Research Logic Flow” of an ultra-secret federal program entitled the “Special Virus”. Since August 1999, the Flow Chart continues to receive intense scrutiny with many scientists and medical doctors now going on record as confirming the diabolical nature of the “Special Virus” program. The “Special Virus” is the designer product of a century long hunt for a contagious cancer that will selectively kill. The “necessity” for the creation and deployment of AIDS, et.al. is fully outlined in U.S. population control policy decisions including “National Security Study Memorandum 200 (NSSM-200) 1974, written and presented by Henry Kissinger at the mega-conference on population control held in Bucharest, Romania.

Boyd E. “Ed” Graves, B.S., J.D. was born the third of nine children of James and Theresa Graves (both deceased). He was raised in Northeast Ohio before he received an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland in 1971.

While in attendance at Annapolis, Dr. Graves received a B.S. degree with minors in Engineering and Mandarin Chinese. He also lettered in boxing and was elected the first African American President of the world-renowned NAVY GLEE CLUB. During his senior year at the Academy, he was the only midshipman to serve on the Brigade staff the entire year.

Dr. Graves received his commission from the Academy in 1975 and served as a Communications Officer onboard the guided missile destroyer, USS Buchanan, DDG-14.

In August of 1990, Dr. Graves entered Ohio Northern University College of Law in Ada, Ohio, where he was a semifinalist in the Anthony J. Celebrezee Moot Court Competition and earned his Juris Doctor degree in May 1993. Dr. Graves specialized in the Americans with Disabilities Act and worked with both private and public agencies to ensure compliance with the law, and equal opportunity for the class of citizens protected by the laws.

In 1992 Dr. Graves began his research on the global AIDS pandemic in earnest. Today he is serving his second year as Director-AIDS CONCERNS for the international medical research foundation, Common Cause, headquartered in Ontario, Canada. His AIDS research led him to the Special Virus Flow Chart discovery in 1999 and the disturbing conclusions represented there in led him to his AIDS activism and role as lead plaintiff for global AIDS apology. Dr. Graves civil rights and AIDS activism has received critical acclaim from around the world.

On January 20, 2000 the Sixth Circuit named the office of the President of the United States to answer the petition following the submission of the Special Virus Flow Chart into evidence. On January 12, 2001 the case, Graves vs The President of the United States, for hearing on the origin of AIDS was dismissed as “frivolous”. Dr. Graves hand delivered the people's appeal brief to the United States Supreme Court April 11, 2001.

The People of the world await the court’s decision.

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