1971 Electronmicroscope photo IDENTICAL to HIV/AIDS

(above) HIV was supposedly first photographed in 1985, but recently uncovered  1971 electron microscope

photographs  identical to HIV may help researchers find a cure and discover the diseases true origins. 


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1971 Photo Proves AIDS Is U.S. Government Creation

SAN DIEGO An American civil rights activist may have

"irrefutable proof" the U.S. government engineered the AIDS virus

to get rid of African-Americans and other minorities.

Boyd Graves, an African-American lawyer in San Diego and AIDS victim,

claims he has hundreds of U.S. government documents proving AIDS was

created to be used as biological weapon against African-Americans.

His evidence collection includes the government's virus development papers

and the 1971 HIV flow chart which graphically coordinates the

U.S. Special Virus development program.

The recently uncovered HIV documents predate the first known cases

of HIV/AIDS in America and Africa by more than ten years.

However, his latest finding may be the most direct link yet: A 1971

made with an electron microscope showing a manmade virus

that is identical to the HIV virus.

Graves says experts in the scientific community who have analyzed both

photos vouch for his evidence and hopes for growing support for

his findings among various government health agencies.

Although the idea that AIDS is man-made is shocking, Graves says there's

an antidote and intends that his evidence and activism will help force officials

to finally release it to the world.

"Our process of review is irreversible," Graves said. "Together we can end AIDS

and win this battle to save our people from extermination."

Graves has provided nearly 40,000 copies of the

1971 HIV flowchart since 2000 in order to raise

awareness and support for the issue. Graves makes

much of his HIV/AIDS research including the 1971 photo

and flow chart available on the internet as free downloads

at www.boydgraves.com 




Boyd E. Graves

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American human rights' activist Dr. Boyd E. Graves is the author of "STATE ORIGIN: The Evidence of the Laboratory Birth of AIDS" and "WORLD WAR AIDS: The Third World War" (Zygote Media 2002) www.boydgraves.com




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