"WHEREFORE; Plaintiff prays the court will order a full review and full disclosure of the U.S. Special (AIDS) Virus program (1948 - 1978) and its relationship to the genesis of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, giving special attention to the Immunological Control (HIV antidotes) experiments listed in Phase IV-A of the research logic flowchart of the program.This lawsuit seeks to strengthen the national security of the United States of America and is filed for its extreme public significance and importance."


Graves v. The United States of America

Docket # 02 CV 02396

Southern District of California,  USA

(above) Dr. Boyd E. Graves holds a copy of a 1971 virus development progress report issued by the US Special Virus Program after urging United Nations officials to provide oversight. (photo courtesy: John Price)



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  United Nations Receives AIDS Lawsuit
New York, NY -
Boyd E. Graves, J.D. a civil rights lawyer and lead plaintiff for an official AIDS apology and full disclosure of the secret federal AIDS development program began addressing AIDS with New York audiences today beginning at the United Nations.

Early Wednesday Graves provided the UNAIDS offices of the United Nations with a copy of the file-stamped federal complaint filed in the Southern District of California (Docket # 02 CV 02396) urging UN oversight.

"The extreme public importance of this case requires oversight from international bodies such as the United Nations," Graves said. "This is our best opportunity for full disclosure and exposure of the secret federal virus development program, the "Special Virus" (1948 - 1978). It is very clear the antidote experiments for HIV were conducted in Phase IV-A as best identified by the program's five section fold-out 1971 flowchart."

According to reviews of the federal lawsuit, the United States must explain the allegations that federal officials have purposefully and intentionally blocked further public exposure of the secret program at the heart of the genesis of HIV/AIDS. The lawsuit was filed last Friday in the San Diego federal court.

Graves' additional public appearances are scheduled for Medgar Evers College and the Black African Holocaust conference Saturday December 14 at the National Black Theatre in Harlem.

Graves' judicial activism and many documents related to the current AIDS lawsuit are available to the public on his archives at www.boydgraves.com 




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